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     BOOK #1

She's a chef, he's a farmer/electrician, and together they discover Uncle Bob's secret life, the Russian diplomat and the elusive Veronica.

A small-town romance about secrets, community and the family we make for ourselves.
     London-based chef Jennifer Dove loves her exciting, fast-paced life and she has every intention of returning to it ASAP. This trip to Tumble Creek — middle-of-nowhere Australia — is just a blip, a trip out of time, to visit her sister and niece and farewell her beloved Uncle.
     But barely hours into her stay, she disturbs an intruder in her uncle’s house, is questioned by police, and finds a pair of fluffy pink stilettos in the bedroom. Things are not all they seem in Tumble Creek, and much as she tries not to, Jennifer is sucked in to the mystery surrounding her uncle. Who is his girlfriend Veronica, and why is she not here? What are the locals hiding? And why can she not get sexy local Calum McGregor out of her mind?
    All is not what it seems in this sleepy, small town, and as Jennifer unravels its mysteries, she might just be tying herself to Tumble Creek forever


     BOOK #2

Sofie Dove is determined to discover everything about Brock Stewart, the ex SAS soldier, now local police officer. She feels his passion for her, but his past overseas missions keeps him awake at night and holds him back. Sofie has her own problems, which are a work in progress. But, she’ll do anything to figure out why this man constantly gives her mixed messages.

         When Brock insists he’s the only one who can keep her safe,  Sofie does something completely out of character that even Brock couldn’t have foreseen. Sofie believes he’s betrayed her and is ready to call it quits. 

           Are they both in the wrong? And will they overcome obstacles of their own making.

   BOOK #3

Adele is mentally and physically strong, but most people carry some baggage, and she is no exception. After moving to Tumble Creek to settle in to her friend’s home, her recent past comes crashing down on her.

    Takumi Edwards knows what he wants. He’s going to make Adele his. And with his expertise and connections, he’s going to ensure that she lives safe and free.                                  

    Takumi is the town’s ex-police officer and runs his own security/rescue business. He’s right there to help Adele cope with her baseless guilt.

However, when he sees her in a nightclub pole dancing, can he accept that’s what she does?