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Canadian, prima ballerina, Katherine Belle re-evaluates her life. The pressure on her body, theatre patrons behaving badly forced her to break away. She quit her career, but what now for a person who knows zip about anything except arabesques and pirouettes. She decides to study and will use her skills for the good of the community. 

      An Australian winegrower, sexy Jack Riley keeps popping up in Katherine’s life — uncanny how he does this when he’s most needed. Unnerving as it is, he was getting under her skin in the best possible way. But it would never work, he’s from the other side of the globe, a country she knows nothing about other than it was warm and sunny. 

      Jack quickly discovers that coming from an Australian summer heat to an icy Canadian winter takes grit. Nevertheless, a blizzard won’t stop his search for his stepfather’s first and only love. But just when he thinks he’s found the right trail, it ends in the most unexpected place.

      Alarm bells ring when Katherine discovers someone has been lurking in her snowy backyard leaving strange gifts.


Belle Fabrini is sailing through the Whitsunday Islands to see her grandfather, when she’s caught in a freakish storm. Luckily, Kabe Hunter finds her and hoists her on board his yacht just before a huge wave threatens to end her life.
      Belle hasn’t seen Kabe since high school, a time she spent crushing on Kabe in a big way. Now he’s sitting across from her in a tiny cabin wearing nothing but a towel slung around his hips. But Kabe has a reputation for loving and leaving gorgeous tourists, and Belle doesn’t need any more complications in her life.
      Kabe, however, has other plans. Belle has always been different, and it seems like only he can see through her happy-go-lucky façade to the pain behind. Belle is drowning in her secrets, but Kabe has no intention of losing her, now that he’s finally found her again.